The following are some of the experiment projects that have been conducted in ESSL.
An Experimental Study of Cross-industry Licensing
Bidding Behavior in Pay-to-bid Auctions
Criminals Lead to the Emergence of Cooperation in an Adversarial Setting
Liquidity and Information: An Experimental Study
Participative Decision Making
Rawlsian Distribution: An Experimental Study
Redistribution of Income in Networks
Signaling and Nature
Strategic Behavior in an Open and Sequential Vote
Earned Prizes: Team vs. Individual Valuations
Terrorist Network Formation with Random Detection
The Efficacy of Tables versus Graphs in Disrupting Dark Networks: An Experimental Study
The Stag Hunt and Computational Neuroscience
Training and Planning in Saving Decisions
Why Go To Court? Bargaining Failure under the Shadow of Trial in Legal Contests


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